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Meet Nate Icaza Owner/Operator/Founder

Over the last several years Nate Icaza's hard work and dedication grew into what we now know as "Nate's Garage", he opened his first shop in 2015 and the second location in 2018. Nate has over 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry and achieved ASE Mater level Certification.

Nate is a genuine, honest, and reliable person and wants his business to reflect that. He is always willing to help anyone that needs it. However, in 2020 Nate's Garage had many people that couldn't afford their auto repairs on payments plans. It started to impact his business negatively. He did some research, asked the right questions and met with another nonprofit doing similar work and the Nonprofit "Nate's Community Garage" was established.

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Our team brings various extensive professional experience, each contributing the best of their skills to make Nate's Community Garage the best program it can be.

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